Dr Steels

Who wouldn’t want to work with a team that knows what and why? Relevant and knowledgeable interlocutors to your problems and 25 years of experience are at V’Steels. V’Steels asks you what you want and suggests what needs to be done as well.

During the project phase

  • Steel selection
  • Heat Treatment prescription
  • Hardness decision
  • Choice of surface treatments
  • Coating selection

Mold manufacturing

  • Processing support
  • Polishing support
  • Texturing support

During production

  • Resource support
  • Failure analysis

Determining the strategy

  • Risk reduction,
  • Cost reduction and
  • Offers strategic choices to increase productivity


  • You can benefit from our in-house trainings.

We support

  • Mold makers
  • Mold users
  • Mold owners / Main industries

For technical support: teknik.destek@volkansteels.com