Die Casting

Sirio® VAR

VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelted) and modified 1.2367 Hot Work Tool steel with excellent hot properties and ductility designed for tough conditions.

Chemical Composition

No ~W. No C Si Cr Mo V Diğer
Sirio® VAR 1.2367 Mod VAR 0,32 0,2 5,1 2,35 0,55 +

Material Properties

  • Excellent hot strength and tempering back resistance.
  • Very good creep resistance
  • Very good heat checking resistance.
  • High Toughness and ductility.
  • Very good thermal shock resistance.
  • Excellent cleanliness
  • Good Weldability,
  • Good machinability.
  • Up tp 54 HRc after heat treatment
  • Recommended working hardness 44-52 HRc.
  • Good nitriding and coating ability


Highly certified grade, and many properties’ quality is guaranteed by the certifying supplier company such as toughness, microstructure cleanness and many more.


  • Long life die casting dies, cores, cavities and inserts.
  • Die casting dies:
    • Against to thermal fatigue cracks
    • Against to gross cracking
    • If there is a high velocity in the runner and also inside the cavity
    • If it is matter of wall thickness and complex geometry.
    • Dies with complex geometry.
    • If it is very cosmetic Al part
    • PVD coated insert against to soldering.
  • Cores in press forging dies.
  • Warm forging dies.
  • Hot stamping dies.
  • Aluminum extrusion dies and tools.
  • Preferred for dies and tools operating at high temperatures.
  • Punches, cutting and shearing blades thicker than 10 mm.
  • Cold forging and cold extrusion dies.

Heat Treatment

Soft Annealing 630-800°C
Stress Relieving 600-650°C
Hardening 1000-1050°C
Tempering 530-700°C

Physical Properties

20°C 400°C 500°C
Elastic Modulus [kN/mm²] 205.000 190.000
Thermal Expansion Coefficient [10ˉ6/K] 12,4 13,2
Thermal Conductivity [W/mK] 21 30 32

Mechanical Properties

44 Hrc 48 Hrc 50 Hrc
Yield Strength Rp02 [N/mm²] 1200 1400 1500
Tensile Strength, Rm 1500 1680 1800


Toughness Value

Impact resistance values obtained from samples oil hardened to 44-46 HRc and twice tempered:

Continuous Cooling Diagram

Delivery Condition

Max. 220 HB, Soft Annealed.

Tempering Graph